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Charlotte ("Charlie") Adams

Name Charlotte Adams Ph.D.

Position Archeological Team Lead

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risan/Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color Light Blond
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Slender with straight blond hair and long bangs. Charlie hides her intelligence behind a shy smile. Tends toward postures that reflect a certain defensiveness around people she doesn’t know — knees drawn up, arms folded across her chest, that sort of thing. Nearly always in pants, she dresses for the work she does. Has no interest in fashion or in drawing unwanted attention to herself.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jackson Adams, Ph.D. (Lectures on Sociology at the University on Risa)
Mother Melaya (Scientist, Formerly a Member of the Weather Control Systems Team, and Now Political Activist)
Brother(s) Toren, Cayce, Thomas and Franklin
Sister(s) Amari
Other Family Dating (On/Off): Captain Raiden Deschaine, USS Sitting Bull

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlotte has always been fascinated by history and more than that, with giving voice to people that no longer have a voice. She is endlessly curious about how people lived from the mundane necessities (food and shelter) to education and art. Because she is somewhat shy, a trait that's been exacerbated by the unknown individual who breaks into wherever she's living to leave sprays of flowers, she is drawn to her studies and to her work. In fact, she puts work before everything which is why her relationship with Luc Deschaine has been more off than on lately.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Ph.D. in Exoarcheology from University of Cambridge

- - Has always put the work first. Friendships, romances, life itself has taken a backseat when it came to her work.

- Hot tea. She thinks that she could probably survive anything as long as there was a ready source of tea available.
- Her stalker. The sense of violation she feels whenever she finds another bouquet of flowers. Her frustration over the fact that no one can find this person, stop them.

Personal History Personal History
3 December 2354

Born at Oldfall, a settlement located near Suraya Bay on Risa, to a Risan mother and a human father. Named for her paternal grandmother, Charlie grew up among a community of intellectuals who disapproved of the decision to turn Risa into a pleasure planet.

When it became clear that Charlie’s intellect required more than the Risan school system could offer, her parents employed a succession of mentors. Mostly, college professors who came and lived on Risa for a period of time while they taught Charlie and enjoyed a sabbatical from their more usual pursuits.

At the age of fifteen, Charlie spent three months on Landris II with Dr. Elias Mowray. It was there, working on the dig site, that her love of archeology was born. While there, she found a spray of flowers left on her bed at the campsite; unsure who did it but as the event wasn’t repeated, forgot all about it.

The Cambridge Years

Attended Cambridge University and completed the undergraduate and graduate programs. Received her Ph.D. in 2378. During that time, she worked with Dr. Mowray on the Landris II site eventually replacing him as lead archaeologist when Dr. Mowray’s health began to fail. During this time, when not on the site, she taught at the University, eventually becoming a full professor.

Published several important papers on the work done on Landris II.

William Hoban, one of her more gifted students, was found dead of apparent suicide. Among his possessions were a set of ancient manuscripts, wrapped, with a note indicating they were to be gifted to Dr. Charlotte Adams.

Began research on Boreas. Discovered that the planet is entering an ice-age in anticipation of the system sun going supernova in an estimated ten years. Began campaigning, lest the history of an entire species be lost to time; funding and resources were arranged and she was offered team lead for an extended dig site on Boreas IV.

Note: During her time at Cambridge, she began to find sprays of flowers (generally the same — White Clover, Forsythia and Forget-Me-Nots) outside the door to her quarters. Later, when the flowers began appearing inside her room, she grew concerned. Campus Security was not able to identify the perpetrator and it was thought, since nothing else happened, that it wasn’t a real threat.

Boreas Station
- Made arrangements with Dr. Elias Mowray to head the Earth-side portion of the work. Finds would be sent back to him, along with preliminary analysis, for final classification along with other materials collected.
- Found a bouquet of Forsythia (Expectation and Admiration), Forget-Me-Not and White Clover (Think of Me) on the doorstep of her Cambridge apartment.